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Old 09-05-2011, 03:39 PM
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Default MaxJax 2-Post Lift Install in my Garage

After my second oil change, baking in the sun, wedged under the car even though I've jacked it up as high as the jackstands will allow, I decided there has to be a better way. I track my mustang on a regular basis so I'm constantly changing fluids, brakes, removing wheels for cleaning, etc. A few weeks ago I started looking for a lift I could install in my garage.

I decided I wanted a 2-post lift because I'm constantly removing the wheels. The problem was most of these things are a) enormous (needing 9'-10' of ceiling clearance, and b) expensive (north of $3000). After a bit of research I came across a "portable" 2-post lift called a MaxJax. It will lift the car 45" (capacity 6000lbs) and the posts can easily be removed from the floor anchors to store out of the way

So, I ordered the thing which was $1900 with free shipping (nice since it's an 830lb package) from CA to PA. After getting it home I decided that since the lift posts weren't permanent I would install the lift in a diagonal config in the 2-car garage to maximize space and help clear the garage door rails. These things are secured to the floor with huge "Power Drop" anchors that require the concrete be at least 4.5 thick. There are five 5/8" bolts per tower and the anchor holes must be precisely drilled.

I rented an electric hammer drill and the 5/8" & 7/8" bits. Unfortunately, the instructions for drilling the holes are shit and would probably result in misaligned holes. I decided to make a jig from 5/8" plywood to accurately drill the holes:

Mounting one of the towers, then using that as a reference to measure the exact distance, angle and then snap a chalk line for the second worked well. With the 5/8" pilot holes drilled the 7/8" anchor holes are a no-brainer. Once those holes are done, just hammer in the anchors and set them. Here's both posts installed:

Here are the posts against the wall for storage:

They hardly take up any room with the car in:

I had some issues with the drill before I could finish all the final 7/8" hole but I should get that fixed tomorrow when the tool rental place opens. Then I'll be ready to lift.
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Old 09-06-2011, 09:32 PM
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Very good Jason, can I put this as a how to on the front page with a link to this post? It would be good to see the finished installation with the car on the lift. I have a 12 foot ceiling but not sure I have the space available.

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Old 09-06-2011, 10:38 PM
Jdevine Jdevine is offline
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Sure. Unfortunately I couldn't finish the install this past weekend because the 7/8" drill bit I rented wasn't quiite 7/8" wide so I couldn't get the power drop anchors in. They will get a new bit this week so I can finish and get the car lifted. I'll take pics and answer any questions when I'm done.

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Old 09-10-2011, 06:26 PM
Jdevine Jdevine is offline
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Ok, it's in. I picked up the new drill this morning at it took about an hour to complete the holes. I set the power-drop anchors and put cement epoxy in the holes as an extra measure. I need two shims on the forward plate of each post to get them parallel. Also, I went ahead and bought the frame rail adaptors in the above post, they work great and make the lift more secure on the frame. By backing the car in the garage I can lift it the full 45" without interfering with the garage door rails. Work perfect.

Car backed into position.

Ready to lift

Frame rail adapter makes the lifting more secure and protects the pinch weld

Full up, notice the clearance from the 90' garage door rails
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Old 09-10-2011, 06:27 PM
Jdevine Jdevine is offline
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Plenty of room to work:

Days of creeping under jackstands are over!
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